TUDIA Merge Case for Razer Phone 2 - Metallic Slate [TD-TPU4237] REVIEW

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Hey all people, have not achieved a evaluate of some thing in all the time however I just needed to take a few photos and get my first impressions out for the Tudia Merge in view that for the Razor smartphone 2 our case alternatives to date have been confined primarily to the OEM case that have been getting some combined opinions. This overview isn't sponsored, i purchased this myself. At the discounted charge they were offering pre-launch thru a chit code on reddit it become a no-brainer to strive out thinking about the price and availability of the OEM alternatives.

The Tudia Merge is a two piece case, made with what seems to be a slightly thinner TPU material with a polycarbonate plate. All people familiar with Seidio and Spigen will immediately apprehend this type of creation. Compared to my Seidio Dilex that I had for my U11, i'd say the TPU cloth is a bit greater rigid and with a greater paper-like texture. It's far greater matte but alternatives up less of my greasy fingerprints. Being a two piece case approach that you may maintain your skin at the smartphone for whilst you wanna nevertheless have a few abrasion protection have to you need to run with out the case at any point. The polycarbonate plate has a matte soft touch finish to it. I typically hate gentle contact black matte as it has an inclination to expose grease marks. I positioned this up on my brow (gross), and it failed to routinely flip in to a freshly unique black vehicle. As a bonus to having a  piece production like this, the worrying peeling sound from the stock glass back whilst you push down on it's miles gone because you cannot push down at the again anymore...Now not exactly a repair for the hassle in the first location however its a good side impact though. My regularly occurring wireless charger nonetheless works thru the entire case.
Other than the two angled bands at the bottom and some debossed branding, the returned of the case is without a lot aptitude, and maintains the slab profile of the phone. There are cutouts for each the digicam and the RGB snakes at the lower back. For my part i would have loved to somehow have the RGB covered through clean polycarb but as recessed as it's far I feel just like the mild could be adequately blanketed. 
I was hoping the front might flow in toward the display screen more as we do have a few sizable display screen bezel on the aspect which could be used for a greater cozy preserve. The edges of the the front must haven't any troubles clearing maximum tempered glass screen protectors except you've got one that is going all of the way to the edge of the glass. Because of the exceedingly shallow clutch of the the front, it's miles viable to peel the case off with the polycarb plate attached. I've had different cases in which you may do this however they never fell out of the case in a drop.
Standard i might say that at this price, first impressions are that it'd possibly do the activity whilst retaining the economic aesthetics of the smartphone. Sadly I do not drop my telephones very regularly nor am I going to drop my private phone on motive for a drop test so it is probably awhile before there may be any updates from me regarding the actual protecting residences of this example for the ones of you that would rely on this to defend from every day drops. I can say that in contrast to many instances that i have owned from numerous brands, this situation might be approximately 80-90% what a Seidio -piece non active or rugged case would be which have to do the activity for most people that aren't Ethan Hunt.
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