RAZER PHONE 2 mobile review

The best gaming phone gets even better

The Razer phone 2 ticks a whole lot of the packing containers you’d anticipate in an $800 tool. You may pit its numbers in opposition to any Android smartphone around. It has the quickest processor to be had in the mean time, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, in conjunction with eight GB of RAM, sixty four GB of file garage (with a MicroSD slot if you want extra) a five.7-inch 1440p display screen, and twin rear cameras. The phone is likewise rated water resistant at IP67, so it may take a bath in a meter of water for up to a 1/2 hour.

In place of choosing a ultra-modern extra-long display screen, Razer chose to feature a pair of audio system to the front of the phone. This indicates it is able to belt out higher sound than most phones, which usually have a single tiny, tinny speaker on the lowest. (HTC phones used to have a comparable dual speaker setup some years again.)

Razer’s speakers are technically Dolby Atmos certified, but I wouldn’t take note of labels tons. They aren’t going to envelop you in sound like a high-quality Atmos soundbar will, but the improve in audio first-class you get at the Razer smartphone over that of different telephones is great, and makes headphone-less gaming and movie watching greater fun. This is particularly excellent information if you occur to be that annoying character who plays their games on full quantity in the subway. At least the indignant commuters around you'll know exactly what you’re playing as they take a seat and fume.

In case you do appreciate the human beings around you, you may already personal a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Sadly, Razer decided now not to encompass a 3.5mm audio jack on its new telephone. It did encompass a dongle with a 24-bit DAC (digital audio converter) in the box, although. In case you absolutely keep in mind to bring that dongle, the audio it pumps out sounds outstanding.

Bits for gamers

On account that this is a gaming phone, Razer filled in a few extras. That five.7-inch lcd screen I cited additionally has a a hundred and twenty Hz refresh price, because of this it could render games at one hundred twenty frames according to 2nd, or two times the velocity of many phones. The show is really smooth, however I haven’t observed a whole lot of a difference among walking it at 60 or a hundred and twenty fps—or now not sufficient for it to effect my amusement of any video games. Razer’s aid web page has a list of titles which might be a hundred and twenty Hz-well matched. It additionally warns that some video games may also have hassle rendering at such a high refresh price. Luckily, you may toggle refresh fee in the Settings menu.

The other large innovation is a “vapor chamber cooling” system Razer delivered to help the cellphone keep away from getting too warm for the duration of play and slowing down. (It’s the same concept because the vapor chamber in the Razer Blade laptop.) The chamber basically dissipates heat over the floor of the cellphone, so it doesn’t experience adore it’s going to burn your hands in the course of extended classes.

Razer’s covered Cortex app is likewise amusing. It recommends games from the Google Play save that take benefit of a effective smartphone, and helped me discover a number of amusing 3-d titles I won't have tried, like gear.Membership. The Razer logo on the again of the telephone also can light up with notifications. You may customize its colours in the Chroma app, a nice contact.


As an awful lot as I enjoyed gambling at the Razer smartphone 2, it wasn't all amusing and video games. It is a bulky phone to apply and the great of its camera output needs work.

The cellphone 2 is a large rectangular metal and glass brick. It isn’t an excessive amount of wider or longer than a regular telephone, like the OnePlus 6T, however it honestly looks like it is. Not like different phones, Razer didn’t spherical off any corners, giving this handset a completely blocky, boxy feel. The corner tended to push into my palm a piece, and it felt traumatic in my pocket. The sharper corners regarded to position stress on my denims pocket, sufficient that I kind of involved the phone ought to in the end wear a hollow in them. It didn’t take place (not but), but the telephone in no way grew cozy to hold round.

The electricity button, which doubles as a fingerprint sensor, feels like it’s been positioned a chunk too low at the proper facet (though I don’t thoughts aspect fingerprint sensors). The quantity buttons are also a little a long way down. Finally I were given used to it, however my thumbs still clearly rest a chunk higher than the buttons due to the blocky layout.

Dust is also an trouble. The smartphone may be waterproof, but the speaker grill inside the front collects little bits of dust over the years. Because the phone is black, foreign debris stand out. And prefer all glass phones, it’s no longer unusual for it to slip off a floor when you’re no longer looking. The glass is there because it’s today's and because wi-fi charging doesn’t work via metallic, but it’s nonetheless a hassle.

Healthy and sense apart, the 12-megapixel rear digital camera takes good enough photographs in sunlight hours, however doesn’t handle mild from home windows or night time pictures well. Pix in difficult lights situations are commonly a bit dark or blown out, and pictures of the sky can show some banding. None of it’s all that terrible, but in comparison with the Pixel 3, Galaxy S9, iPhone XR, and other highly-priced phones, it’s disappointing. At the plus side, the greater rear digital camera has a 2x telephoto lens, so you can zoom in without losing element.

Battery life is serviceable in case you don’t play too many video games, and quite akin to a good chunk of telephones in the marketplace. It failed to pretty in shape the day and a 1/2 runtime of different huge telephones like the Galaxy observe nine.

Alternatives Menu

The Razer phone 2 is wonderful for gambling video games, but it isn’t very comfortable to hold, or a wonderful cellphone for taking snap shots. Even if you are a tough-core gamer, there are a lot of Android phones which might be pretty much as effective. For example, the OnePlus 6T fees masses much less and has some exquisite dedicated gaming features. The Pixel three, LG G7, and the modern Galaxy telephones will all play the quality video games with out sacrificing image nice and luxury, too. Additionally they work on AT&T, T-cellular, and Verizon—the identical networks because the Razer.

Razer made a valiant effort with its 2d phone. Optimistically the third time might be a charm.

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